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Best two man tent for approx £100? Answered

 I am looking into buying a two-manner after my old (and rubbish) Coleman ripped.
I've had a little look on the Vango website and I am drawn two the Banshee 200 and the Spectre 200.
I want there to be enough room for me, a BIG backpack and perhaps a human being or extra gear.

If you own these tents or have any advice/ideas please, let me now.

I am doing my DofE soon!! YAYAYYA!11!1!!1!!!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you can stretch to the extra tenner, I would go for the Tempest.

It's a little heavier than the Spectre, but a decent-sized porch makes a lot of difference in bad weather - you will be so much more comfortable if you can leave your wet gear outside your sleeping space.

You might even want to go for the Halo - the twin entrances mean that you can get in and out dry, even if the weather changes direction.

Plus, pay attention to the sleeping plans - the Spectre is head-to-tail, much more cramped.

If you can, try the tents out - visit a camp shop where they should be able to show you it pitched, or pitch one for you to crawl around in.  Even if you don't buy it there and then, you will be a lot happier with your choice.  Once you have chosen, don't forget ebay...


8 years ago

I own a Eureka Tetragon 7. It fits my needs, being myself and gear comfortably, and a friend too if you don't mind cozy quarters.

It is a three season tent but I've used it in four. (proper gear and whatnot)

Picked it up for about $75 in 2005, I'm ignorant as to current prices and exchange rates.

Unfortunately you didn't specify if you wanted a four season, backpacking, or any other criteria so all I've got is personal experience.