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Best wat to dig out a fossil? Answered

Just a quick quiestion. During my Holiday I found a couple of ammonites. but the all have the same problems. they're made of slate (really weak stone made up in thin layers like triplex.) and have alot of stone around them. Is there a way to cut off the remaining rock without damaging/breaking the fossil?




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Instructions for the noob:

Thanks for the link very useful.

You sacrifice a bit of precision, but it'll get rid of the dirt in no time.

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Thanks for the explanation I have a Dremel + different sets but they're from my dad an really cheap. Since sthe stone is quite fragile I am afraid of breaking it. Well I quess I will try this bit by bit until I'm satisfied.

Thanks again.

good thing about dremel engraving attachments is they work on fragile rock, i use a dremel on my fossils.

where the rock joins to the fossil, put a slice in it and hit it with a chisel - hopefully it should split the rock from the fossil or you could file it down slowly but be careful

thanks for answering, but i had already chosen a best answer but it seems that the author had removed this one.

thanks again

Hi, Im a fossil hunter and the best way to do that cheap would be to either leave them as is because they look nice already or buy a dremel with an engraving attachment. one speed dremels cost minimum $30. But if they look nice, leave them be. Or if the rock can be flaked off with a knife, use some dental pics to do it. Best tip: don't get excited and rush. I once took 3 years on an oreodont skull and my fossil club has a whale that they have been working on since I was 3 years old. It takes time to do it right.