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Best way for Grounding large(REALLY Large)circuit ? Answered

Could someone tell me how to ground a large electrical circut.I have a die-cast aluminum box, on which there is a strip wire connector which connects all the tiny goundings on the circuit and finally to one terminal.Now, what wire to use for grounding, about 18 gauge or so?I have no idea ,but is is better if the wire is NOT flexi-type.I want it to bend(and stay so) into different angular bends(not a curve)Also i need to put a copper tube on the end of the GND wire, how to attach it to the wire,by screws?? I put pic of non-flexi wire in the post too


For HF reasons, you want to use stranded wire for final grounds, or even braid if your circuit is sensitive. Steve

HF??High Frequency ??Braid?What wire?Stranded? I am TOTALLY CONFUSED.Please explain.(sorry,I am pretty stupid) The circuit is very sensitive.A ground is necessary for accurate measurements on my circuit.

Yes! The braid from a shielded cable works very well.  It takes a bit of work to separate it from its jacket and center conductor but its worth it when later looking at HF signals.  Also try using desoldering braid such as Dri-Wick or the like.  The bigger the better.  This stuff is expensive but can be bought at any of the usual sources in 5 ft lengths.  It really works well for HRF up to several hundred MHz and is worth the price if you need it only once.  For repeated applications then a little research will find you copper braid by the spool.

look into Grounding devices for Crystal Radio Sets, they are pretty good grounds. I'm not sure anything will beat some of the copper box grounds and insulated wire spider ground setups