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Best way to charge a SuperCap? Answered


I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would tell me the best way to charge a 2.7V 50F Nesscap supercapacitor.

Any advice or ideas would help a lot; thanks!




Best Answer 4 years ago

Charging can be as simple as a resistor, but the charging TIME is a function of the resistor and the cap = time to charge to 63% of full = RC. So if you used a 100 ohm resistor, it would charge to 63% 100 x 2.7 seconds. = 3 mins 30 secs. You may also be limited by the maximum current that the cap can handle.

You could happily run it on a 2.7V 1A supply, and that would charge it, using a 2.7 Ohm resistor in 2.7 x 2.7 seconds.

If you REALLY need to charge it faster than that, come back.


4 years ago

Best Way is to use the smallest Sola Xfmr and a step down unit to engage the current limiting sola feature to charge at increasing voltage but full current until

the peak voltage of the sola step down is reached and charge current goes to nill. A much better way of charging, then using a passive resistor !


4 years ago

Supercaps and Ultracaps can generally be charged at or near their discharge rates.

However, since I'm not going to analyze their document for you, the best advise I can offer is check the mfg specs (and any associated usage documents) and utilize their expert advise for their product.