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Best way to create additional outdoor storage space? Answered

What's the best way to convert a huge backyard into additional storage space... I was thinking of tarpaulin but most brands are not made for prolonged sunlight? I can pick up a $200 tarp of 7 x 9 metres to do the job.. just wondering if anyone has better ideas?



2 years ago

I think a tarp would only be suitable as a temporary measure. It would definitely not last long especially with uncertain weather conditions, which might just blow your entire setup over. The best storage yet is to have a sturdy concrete foundation and durable aluminium roofs with accompanying brick walls in my opinion.


4 years ago

I'm going to agree with @Ria on this. At the end of the day when you're creating storage, you're going to want walls and proper housing that's not only going to keep out the elements, but is going to protect from humidity, dust and things that can GROW on your stuff. Honestly just throwing a tarp up over everything really isn't going to cut it. In any case, this may be a bit more expensive but what about self storage units if you've got a lot of items that need stowing away?

Ria Hawk

10 years ago

Unless you build some sort of structure, I wouldn't reccommend storing anything outside that can't handle being out in the elements. A tarp could provide some cover, but you wouldn't be able to make a good roof with it. Probably your cheapest solution would be to get some plywood and 2x4s and make a carport/shed type thing. (If you can get hold of like plastic or metal siding for cheap, that would probably last longer.) If your backyard is flat and you don't get high winds (and you don't have rambunctious children or pets), you could probably just set it on the ground and move it to wherever it needs to go. If you're just putting stuff out in the back yard with the tarp over it, that should work okay. I'd put a tarp on the ground to keep water out, and another on top, and pin it all down with tent stakes.