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Best way to host svg, stl, source code, other files for an Instructable Answered

I've got several Instructables that explain how to move from a computer file (3d model or Illustrator file) to physical object (3d print, laser engraving, etc.) I would love to be able to put a link to those files in the body of the Instructable itself, so any reader could download them and use them freely.

Similar comment for code snippets; inline code works (with careful editing) but it isn't optimal for longer bits of code.


You can upload STL files directly to instructables just like you would upload a photo, and if you have the right web browse (chrome) it will give you a nice image of your project. For everything else put it in a folder and compress it into a zip. Have a look at my printer hack instructable I have several zipped files and a coupe of stls



Any zipped file will upload like an image, as long as the size limit isn't exceeded.

You could also upload the files to the hosting service of your choice (eg dropbox), and post a link to it in your instructable.

Hi kiteman could you check something for me? There may be a bug with uploading stls or could be just my computer, on my printer hack Instructable the image is not coming up and also if I try to download the file using a Mac computer, it opens up text in a new tab, rather than opening a useful file. Ive tried this with firefox,chrome and safari. It does however work if I downloaded the file on my Ubuntu computer. Any thoughts?


4 years ago

That all sounds good.

I looked at the linked instructable and I see how zip files are siting inline. That works for me. I might explore options for display of code, though -- especially if it can do a code window (aka scrolling, but properly formatted within.)

I need to find time to collect/update the files and attach them to the instructable now..