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Best way to make a remote controlled device that goes up and down like a car antenna? Answered

Just wondering, what's the best way about making a device that is sort of like a tripod, without the pan and tilt or left and right? just need the pole type device to go up and down like a car antenna?

Is it possible to control this via remote from like 100 - 200 feet away?
and possible to control height of the poles? (i'm guessing a switch)

 i was thinking poles will probably be PVC pipes or is there anything better to use? 
thanks for your advice!


The antenna is simply a stiff wire wound round a drum - As the wire unwinds it goes up the inside of the hollow antenna pushing it up

well i dont know how high or what it is you are trying to lift but you could get a motor and wheel against your pvc pipe and the pipe would be in a casing and then run it up with the motor, you could also seal it in a case and raise it like a piston

i think i may have found the solution


thank you guys

How heavy is the load you want to lift, and how high ?