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Best way to make an extremely powerful amplifier circuti? Answered

I need to take a small alternating circuit source and build an amplifier for it. There is no limit to how big the output could be because it will not be connected to speakers.
What would be the best way to go about making such an amplifier? The input does not matter.



4 years ago

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The best way to go about this is to have some specifications to work with. If you leave it open ended then you have no where to start. So what kind of signal are you using? What power sources do you have available? What is the max output needed? How much noise is acceptable?

The input signal would be an audio source from a phone or such other source, I can get many different types of batteries or use an outlet, there is no specific output specifications because this is an excitement, and preferably the noise would be low enough that if you where to play it through something could could hear the original audio signal.

Nope there are still too many possibilities to discuss you need to offer us MUCH more information about what your trying to do.

The broad idea is an electromagnetic emitter that forces external speakers to play the frequency that the electromagnet is pulsing at.

FYI, the coil inside a speaker is a pulsing electron magnet. It just sits inside another magnet which forces it to move in and out of the magnet, thus moving the cone of the speaker and produce sound. So essentially your experiment is a speaker.

Buy a piezo transducer - Glue or tape to your sound board, table, window etc - attach to your audio out jack on your sound source.

The transducer will make the surface sound.