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Best way to shape styrofoam around a sphere? Answered

Hey All,

I'm getting ready for my next project, making a Deadmau5 head that replicates his pinhead helmet from last halloween. Since this helmet will require "messing up" and texturing the head rather than using fabric, I was assuming I'd use styrofoam to create that effect. However, I am uncertain as to whether or not I should be buying a hollow styrofoam sphere or flexible styrofoam, or something else. Any help/guidance would really be appreciated. I will be putting the material on a 13" hamster ball. Thanks in advance!!



4 years ago

So I have found a site that supplies 16" hollow Styrofoam balls. Basically, im going to cut the difference out of the Styrofoam ball so that it fits snug to the hamster ball then shave down if it looks too thick (the sphere thickness is 7/8"). I'll cut in the grid pattern from there. Thanks for the feedback all, and Burf, if you have any ideas on painting to achieve this color/texture, I'm open to suggestions.

I'm pretty sure the effect is down by carving slight indentations in the mask and letting the paint job finish off the effect. If there is any carving or additions to the head at all.

I do have some ideas as to how I will be styling the styrofoam, but I was looking more into what styrofoam material i should opt for - a hard, hollow-out polystyrene sphere, or flexible polystyrene - and any techniques for shaping the material to the hamster ball.

1/8 inch sheets should be fine to give the effect.

Are you looking to make the mask from scratch or mod an existing mask? You can get an existing mast for under $300. If your making your own then you will want to stack and glue sheet of Styrofoam together and care the shape. It will make a more sturdy and resilient mask then trying to bend and shape thin sheets.

I have made one before, but I'm starting from scratch again. The previous one I made I wrapped in fabric rather than styrofoam, I figured styrofoam would be easy to beat up and texture like the picture. If I have the hamsterball as the base and I'm "loctite"-ing the styrofoam to it, how thick would you anticipate I should make the styrofoam layers?


4 years ago

Rather than go through those machinations, I would spray paint it with some "wrinkle paint." I've used Krylon brand and had excellent results but there are a number of other brands available.

Also, what colors would you recommend from Krylon to replicate the above color? I'm thinking Rust Protector Copper Hammered and Rust Protector Dark Bronze Textured and Black Textured would be good combinations, but I am definitely open to suggestions, as painting has never been my forte.

I want to put at least one layer of some styrofoam material so that when I place the nails, I have something to carve into and give it depth for the nail placement. Thanks for the wrinkle paint idea, I will probably use that at the base coat and paint the "rust" look over it.