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Bicycle Names Answered

I name my bikes, usually for something wrong with them. Rusty, well, obvious. Lefty, it pulls to the left. Tiny, well, it's tiny. Some have more thoughtful names, like Phoenix, a bike I found in a ditch that was apparently thrown from a moving pickup. The fourth definition of the word Phoenix at this dictionary is a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation. Do you name your bikes?



8 years ago

What if you have a small, rusted bike that pulls left?  :)

I've never had a bike, but if I ever get one, I might call it "Spokes" or "Spokes-ee"

How did those names come about? 

Since my last good mountain bike "Rip" got stolen, my dailyrider is "Cyclops" (while "Victor" aka "SilverEcho" has no road tax) and I'm keeping my beater mountain bike"Tabitha" rideable until I can fix up a bike I am probablyeither going to call "Frank" or "Oz", and giveTabitha away.

i just picked em randomly i am trying to think of a name for my longboard............

For long, complicated and utterly irrelevant reasons, all bicycles should be named after cattle.

Daisy, Ermintrude* etc.

*For some bizarre reason, the spell-checker says that should be peppermint. Maybe the spellchecker has an opinion on the naming of bicycles?

That's strange about the spell check. Hey, how do you make that little text?

Pairs of commas make subscript:
becomes this.

Whilst the up arrow thingy (shift 6) makes superscript:
Which looks like this.

Hmm... That's cool! I almost always wondered about that.

I think it's funny to name your bike (or car) for one of your favorite teachers. It would turn out something like this: "Mrs. Nichols sure does get around." "Yeah, but she looks pretty worn out." "Well, Mrs. Nichols is getting kinda old, but she's still a lot of fun." "Is her seat crooked?" "Yeah, I need to spend a litlle time with Mrs. Nichols out in the shed." "I thought you were going to take her out in the woods this weekend." Etc., etc., Beleive me the conversation can get MUCH worse. Imagine the rumors that could be started by something like that!

Mrs. Nichols? Would you happen to be in West Virginia? "Cause I used to live near Harpers Ferry and we had an EVIL substitute called Nichols. She took my pencil once while I was using my sharpener, and put it in the school sharpener(which doesn't sharpen, it just eats the pencils). I had almost no pencil left after that.

Nope, Grew up in North Carolina. My "Mrs. Nichols" was actually very nice. That was nearly 20 years ago. But if yours was mean, all the more reason to name a (dumpy) vehicle for her. You could say "Man, I hate Mrs. Nichols!, I'd like to push hr off a cliff. She's slow AND ugly. I hope I'm never seen in public with Mrs. Nichols!"


9 years ago

Not consistently- I name all my computer hardware, though. My current computer is called Phoenix II because I have rebuilt it with new hardware twice, and a computer I helped a friend build out of spare parts was called Frank (short for Frankenstein) at my suggestion. If you have any suggestions for what to name a new 125cc commuter motorbike and a tired slightly beaten up J-bike then let me know :)


9 years ago

Mine is called Puch.

funnily enough it is a puch. =]