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Bicycle accident is the frame okay? Answered

I struck basically struck a curb (an unmarked road island really) going 17 mph roughly and blew out my front rim. I broke a collar bone because of the accident. Anyways I was wondering if the frame is okay I looked at it and there was no visible cracks anywhere. Its a cheap Schwinn frame and it got me wondering if it would be safe to put a new rim on and go. BTW this is a gas powered motorized bicycle not the cheap ones as shown BEFORE the crash. 


You might find the forks bent, but bike frames are pretty tough you should be good with a new wheel. If the bike pulls to one side after your repairs, replace the forks. (even cheap suspension forks make a big difference to the ride on a motorized bike) By the way great looking bike.

Yes from experience the wheel will have absorbed the initial energy hence the damage. Hitting a sharp edge helps too as you ride up over the obstacle and you vacate the bike quite quickly relieving the load.

I ran into the back of a parked van, A flat surface whci put the forks under the crossbar, Oddly the actual wheel was OK. I wasn't.

If your frame is visually Ok it most likely is. keep an eye on it for the firast few months.

The one concern I have, since it's a motorized bike, is that at full speed, an impact could cause the fork/fork stem to bend towards the frame, rather than the left/right skew that one might usually experience. I've bent a few forks, once from being run over (quite literally_), once from doing some stupid offroad riding....over a fallen tree over a ravine, with the expected Wily Coyote results, and once from a dead on impact at about 30-35 mph down a hill.. The third one left me with about a 5 degree bend in the stem of the fork, directly backwards from its normal orientation, along with a trashed wheel and quite a few bruises.) The point to all that is this: even if it doesn't trend left or right after the accident, you may still have damage. In this case, it might feel like the same steering motion results in toomuch steering, ie oversteer, due to the change in caster.