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Big Band Music Stands Answered

I am the leader of a 17 Piece Big Band. Just like Glenn Miller or Harry James, I need to find a way to make some inexpensive but deco looking music stands. In the old days, they used to make them in all types, sizes and styles. Today, they have one kind. I would like to find a way to make some myself that can fold up and be transported fairly easily. If you have an idea of how to do this, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me if you have questions. The stand should be in two parts, the base and the shelf. The shelf should sit on the base. The shelf should also have a lip for the music to sit on without sliding off. The total height of the back of the stand should be 36". The height of the front of the stand, where the music sits, should be approx 29". The width of the top portion, the part that holds the music, should be 22". The lip should be 3 to 31/2 inches. The base will vary depending on style and shape. I look forward to anyone who thinks they have a way to make these. They need to be strong enough not to blow away in wind, yet easy to fold and carry. After all, I will be moving 17 of them each time I perform. As far as the style, well, the more art deco looking the better. If I could have anything I wanted without the worry of cost, I would choose stands that looked like the front of a car from the 1930's and 40's. It would look as though it had a grill in front along with the large round lights, perhaps a cap on the radiator, large wide fenders and whitewall looking tires on the side. Now, that is just my if I could have anything idea. reality says a simple square or perhaps v shaped stand. Solid colored, perhaps made from corrugated plastic. Thanks for looking and giving this some thought. Blessings! Ashley ideas@mrlivemusic.com


Wow, that is a great idea. I am going to study this for a while then give it a try. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much!

If you want real ghetto, just hack a real standard orchestral style pole music stand and add a placard/board front to the stand and there you go...let us know how it turns out.

Hope this gives you some ideas:

  • Enlarge a photo of your car, there are instructables to print out poster sized version of images.
  • build a flat front with hinged sides. I would go with a 1x3stick wood picture frame skinned in masonite or plastic poster board.
  • have a hinged piece that drops down to lock the sides in place. Notice how mine has holes for that Big Gulp cupholder :-)
  • Make the music holder out of plexiglas or shiny metal to reflect like the windshield. Use aluminum duct tape to stripe the fender for a shiny 3-d look.
  • The music holder is hinged to the main body for adjustable angle with ratchet stops.
  • hook up led lights in the front for your lightshow. Can be multicolored to bring your band into the disco era.
  • Use a router to cut lines in the grill to give it a neat see-through look and to keep wind from catching it.
  • Make sure you have an extended foot in the front to prevent it from tipping over.

Work up a life size mock up to get the proper angles and size. Good luck.

Thank You. I will keep a watch out.

I've got some ideas. They could take a few days to knock out, but I'll keep you posted!