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Big ad for ace hardware on the top of the page? Answered

Hey... when did that get there? How long will it be there for? I liked it better when it wasn't there.


I just noticed the ad O_o probably would've missed it if this didn't point it out...speaking of pointing out, I haven't been on this site long or often enough, but when i posted my topic a few minutes ago, it went poof off the feedback....i can't find my own topic on the forum!....Is this normal?

If you go to "You" then "Discussions, then "Forums" , do you see it there? Sometimes forum topics take an hour or two to get posted.

ah, its not up yet. You were right. Well, so long as people see the topic and reply, I'll be happy :) thanks!

No prob! Happy to help a fellow member.

.  Click it and see. I promise nothing bad will happen (no RickRoll).
.  That's a "big" ad?

You're right that's HUGE!

It's even bigger than the garden contest ad.

Okay, okay. So maybe it's not huge. But it's still annoying when your a pro member to have payed for only having instructables ads and having an ace hardware ad.

What Lithium Rain said.  You really ought to read your terms of service :-/

More to the point, have you actually tried click on that?  Ace is sponsoring a special "pseudo-guide" , an additional composite channel within Workshop with a series of rotating "best I'bles" on the topic of repairs. 

They've also produced a series of how-to videos which will be incorporated in that channel (and have been uploaded without spamming the Recent I'bles page!).

It's a real pity that we get whiners even when there is good corporate responsibility and "playing by our rules" going on.

Ok! I'm fine with it! I've gotten over it, and am no longer whining :)  It's great to have it there, and is a pleasant addition to the instructables viewing experience. And no, you don't detect a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

I am glad to hear it!  I certainly didn't even imagine that there was any sarcasm involved in your reply.  No, not at all....

Any idea about what kind of financial arrangement is involved for this one, i.e. flat fee, per-click, or what? If clicking the thing gets more revenue for the site, I'll click it a lot more often.

No, you paid for less ads, not in-house ads only. 

"You will see fewer ads and only the best advertisements that are hand selected from our partners."

Read more carefully. :D

It's a sponsored link.  Try it and see.