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Biggest Corn Maze in the World! Answered

On Sunday, Christy and I went to the biggest corn maze in the world! At over 40 acres, Cool Patch Pumpkins secured its title from the Guinness Book of World Records this year (news story here). The owners designed the maze in MS Excel and constructed a number of bridges and lookouts, which allowed you peer over the maze from different vantage points. A map was provided on entry, and even using the map, it took us an hour and a half to make our way through.

I love life-size mazes, and have always been jealous of the British tradition of hedge mazes, so this was a real treat.


Oh, man, that means the local maze only missed by four acres last year! Noooooo!


10 years ago

oh wow,im going there to eat some corn:))))

Wow, I want to go there now.

Yea, in chester county there is the Marlborough Corn Maze which is pretty fun.

I still can't drag the wife out to the maze though.....she has this claustrophobia thing going on ;-)

Here in Lanc county they have a different "theme" each year, and so the maze takes different shapes each year.

There is a cowboy and bucking bronco in the maze I linked to.

this sounds like a repeat of jeepers creepers (joke)(you´d look like ur mother if u had a mustache COO COO)

sounds fun

Very cool. Our area is getting more and more maize mazes every year (there were six or seven within an hour's drive this year, and more further afield) because the farmers have worked out that they bring in more profit than the maize itself (the harvested fields end up as cattlefeed, apparently).

That's really impressive. :D Cornfields creep me out a little, though. After living in the country for 18+ years of my life, I hate walking through them and hearing rustling around me. You never know what might walk into your row, haha.

Watched "Children of the Corn" once too often, eh ?

Only once. That was enough. When you grow up in a trailer surrounded by corn fields it makes it terrifying!

Oh ok, I grew up in the country surrounded by corn fields for miles and miles. But we all react to different things in different ways I suppose. :-) Some people tell me that is why I am so corny.

I second your opinion! I've been dying to go to a life-size maze for years. Finally went to a corn maze two weekends ago. AWESOME! But I wonder, how the heck do you design a corn maze on MS Excel? Especially the curved paths?