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Bike Disc Brakes Answered

I have the Trek 4300. now i was too cheap to buy it with the disc brakes, but after 2 year i realized i would like them. So do i have to buy new tires, and brake lines, and levers. Or do i just have to hook up a disc brake to the brake cables?? How much would this upgrade cost me?


...one of those days when I wonder if I'm the only one on the web who can do a decent search...
This site reviews mountain bikes and accessories. Here are the disk brake systems. Reading the reviews on this top-rated system yields you buy the braking unit and rotor set and use your own cables and handles (if possible). Rotors are bolted on to existing wheels, there are different rotor sizes, brake unit bolts to frame or fork. That maker's listings on the one online merchant's site are here. There are multiple listings for what appears to be the same thing, click for specifics. There are replacement rotors listed as upgrades, and "adapter" brackets for mounting to quick-release forks.

You most likely can use your existing handles and cables with mechanical disk brakes, and will need new ones for hydraulics. The one basic unit will cost $50 from this dealer, times 2 for front and back. (Psst, the BB7 got good reviews, the BB5 is also good and slightly cheaper.)

Started by Googling "trek 4300 disk brake kit" and found this forum topic which gave me some names to work with. Where it was basically said the 4300 had questionable disk brakes anyway.

My wheels aren't disc brake ready so do i have to replace them?? and i m cheap so could upgrade the back wheel then wait a year and do the front??

I knew a guy who roomed with a friend in college who had a bike with funny skinny tires and he only had to flip two levers to take the front wheel off, so I learned they make bikes that can do that. That's about the limit of my advanced bike knowledge, for everything else I was reading as I searched.

Heading out to our garage / machine shop with the rotor for a template, if all the wheels needed was some threaded holes than I wouldn't be replacing them. Now you on the other hand...

Yes you can, many bikes come with a front disc and a V-brake at the back, I'm considering building my own disc brakes, from scratch but for now ignore that, it's not going to be that easy...