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Bike Messengers Are on Crack Answered

I came across this on youtube while looking for a certain HPV video.... Holy Crap....


Here'sthe source.

I hope bike messengers have fun riding that way because I couldn't care less if they wipe out and get themselves killed. I've been riding in a city for over seven years now and while I still hate oblivious and aggressive drivers, a lot of bike messengers are equally as bad.

Just a few days ago I saw a messenger race through a red light and merge into traffic a little in front of me and rightinfront of a massive SUV. The SUV driver honked and the messenger proceeded to yell at him for a full minute about respecting the road. Idiot.

Yep, that's where the video came from -- youtube is just easier to view :P

I agree with you though... They have accidents all the time, but just get right back up and keep going if they're not dead :/ Look at the top news post on NYBMA's website http://www.nybma.com/ -- it's about a memorial ride o.0

What really sucks... I can't think of a solution. It's a cut throat industry. If you're not stupid enough -- the next guy is and has your job :/

I like the quote form the memorial ride: "Ride with us. Please bring flowers, love, and rage."

Let's remember our fallen friends and get seriously pissed off at some drivers! Hells yeah!

Here in SF we have Critical Mass which is a great party on wheels and also a stupid time for bikers to vent at drivers. In over 10 years it's accomplished a gathering of riders every month and... um... that's about it. Meanwhile, the SF Bike Coalition has been steadily growing support for riders and been responsible for getting bike lanes striped in several parts of the city.

The song on the YouTube video sucks, though. It was changed from an adrenalin-fueled ride into a chill flowing through city streets groove.

Orlando has a Critical Mass ride too -- I've never gone though. Those rides o tend to piss off a lot of people (on all sides) unnecessarily -- but I've found two sides (or types of cyclists) when it comes to riding on the road.

On one hand, you have the group that wants the city to extend their multi use pathways and bike lanes. While on the other hand, you have a group that wishes to ride on the road - even when there's a MUP available.

To have bike lanes added, to me, seems more easy than trying to change the minds/feelings of drivers who for some reason feel that anyone on a bike doesn't deserve to be anywhere but on the sidewalk (illegally :P). That's just my opinion though :P

For the most part, the drivers in my area can't share the road - so I personally (too chicken) can't ride on the road :/ Of the bike lanes in my area (not on most roads) - crap gets blown into them making it more dangerous than facing a 2 ton car :/ This is why I bought a rack for my car so I can go elsewhere :P

As for the music :P I like both versions -- it shows the dynamic that musics adds :) The youtube edit makes it more relaxing as if a very technical ride was being done effortlessly and without thought :P ~Sorry for another long ass post :P

While riding around in Critical Mass there were too many people who had the attitude of saying, "it's our turn now, motherfuckers!" and would block traffic for no reason. If any driver spoke up at all, they'd yell at them. This is by no means all of the people. A lot of folks have the whole celebration-of-a-group-ride thing going on and are generous and fun, but I don't want to support rude riders in any way. SF is cool in that there are many bike lanes, but in many places drivers treat the road like it's their own personal place and can fly off the handle in a heartbeat. If I was stuck behind a wheel for a couple hours a day I'd be pissed, too.