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Bike Powered Dog Treadmill Answered

There are some days which my husky and I are unable to run outside. For those days, I use my exercise bike. But my husky is out of her mind with boredom if she cannot run. While I use my bike, I am wishing that it could power a treadmill for her to run on. I am aware that dog-powered (manual) and electric dog treadmills are available for purchase. I have visited sites that give instructions on how to make a dog-powered treadmill. And I know that a regular treadmill for humans can be used for dogs (with training). But I have a few reasons for leaning towards the idea of a bike-powered dog treadmill: 1) We workout together. Dog-powered treadmills usually require that the dog be constantly motivated to run, whether it be vocal cheering or physical nudges (or both). I do not think I will be able to exercise alongside her if I must stop to do this. 2) I do not want to use more electricity than I have to. We are all trying to save energy for whatever reason. So electric treadmills are a bit much. I am mechanically inclined, but I cannot produce plans of this scale. I am hoping that I do not need to do anything more than soldering or welding. Incorporating manufactured parts would be ideal. Any and all (practical, safe, and realistic) help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, everyone! P.S. The use of any bike will do for this project. It does not have to be an exercise bike, though that would be nice as well.


Thank you for the replies! I know, I know... I took a long time to respond. Terribly sorry about that. But I hope that you can still accept my thanks! (And I do know that I can hit "reply". But I would be spamming my own post. Doh!) As for the idea of gears, I was thinking the same thing! Though, with my husky, it's more to speed the treadmill up than to slow it down. (I envy husky-endurance.)

Another possibility is to attach a generator to your bike. I also like the idea of making it belt driven

. You could put an extension on one of the treadmill rollers and use the bicycle tire to drive it. . Or a "fan belt, with sheaves mounted on the bike axle and the treadmill roller.

Yeah, I was thinking put a roller that's driven by the rear wheel straight into the treadmill, maybe geared if the dog can't keep up.