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Bike mechanic will fulfill bike related i'ble requests Answered

I'm a gainfully employed bicycle mechanic. Anyone have a request for a bicycle related instructable that's been done poorly or doesn't exist?

Hit me up and I'll see what I can do!


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Roll me some ideas!

1. I need a bike lawn mower. My patch of lawn is 6x15 feet. It doesn't justify a real riding mower and get things done with an eco-friendly push mower but riding would be much more fun.
2. I know of a kid that has some minor physical limitations and problems with balance. He is grown up now but never learned to ride a bike and never got an adult trike because those things were too "granny-like". Any thoughts on some kind of self-stable bike without the look of something with training wheels or trike configuration and would be really cool to ride? I think there is a whole underserved segment that could ride and should be able to enjoy doing so. Thanks.

Thanks for the ideas. 6x15 is quite a small space. I ride bikes quite a bit and the challenge would be engineering something stable enough to ride at low speed in that space constraint. That being said, I recently picked up a mclane push mower from Goodwill that is chain driven (as opposed to the cheap direct drive push mowers). I'll keep that one in mind.

Regarding trikes, this one looks pretty bad ass and not so "granny-like". http://www.jbimporters.com/web/images/new_800/69085.jpg Building complete bicycles is on my list at some point. I've seen some pretty slick custom tricycles. This is a very interesting modification to a stock tricycle that I saw recently. I may build one of these eventually. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10525623/photos/quadtrike.jpg

haha, that is my miniature golf putting green size lawn in the concrete jungle called Brooklyn, NY. The spoke design sure does change the character of the trike, probably the same idea applied to all those auto rim designs out there. One thing many have thought about is how do I slap on a generator on a bike or exercise bike to power or charge an ipad. The drink blender on a bike I think is a mechanical linkage but how does one make something to be able to run an inverter off of it. I only remember those tiny light generators that rub off the wheel. You need a whole lot more power output to do some kind of burning man LED lightshow bike powered as you pedal.

add to the list a bike-powered snow plow. I might need that if this global warming keeps up.

Once, while vacationing on Cape May, I saw these four wheeled bicycles. I always wondered if I could make one of those. Would you accept the challenge building one?

I used to go to Cape May every summer as a kid. Ah, good memories.

Those are commonly called Surrey bicycles after the original manufacturer, Surrey.

To be honest, building one of those is a huge undertaking. It's not something I would do. I've fabricated pedicab trailers before, they take 60 - 80 man hours. I imagine something as complex as a Surrey would easily be twice that.

You can however, make one out of PVC. http://www.americanspeedster.com/ I've seen vehicles built using these plans, they're pretty ok!

I think they need to be outfitted with ATV balloon tires and outrigger pontoons for use after Hurricane Sandy.

Did you leave the city? We were lucky. I have power and water. In some places they will not have power in a week. You are right! Some floating devices to make this an amphibious vehicle. :-)

A couple of more blocks to the house and we would have been flooded. We are lucky we are not in the low areas that got hit with the storm surge afterwards. Mass transit is all messed up and lots of downed trees and cars crushed by downed trees. Local area pics http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/page/3/

They are also known as quad cycles.