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Bike to Trike - Bike Axle Replacement Answered

Along with other minor changes to my bicycle, I really (really) want to turn my bike into a tricycle. I figure having one front wheel and two back wheels would be the best (and by best, I mean simplest) arrangement. I'm also guessing that it would be fairly easy and perhaps weld-free. I want to get metal tubing/a metal rod that is the same size as my back axle, have it be about 4 feet long, and place two wheels on either side. The gears would be located in the same spot they were, just attached to the axle and not the wheel. I don't know how thick my axle is, but I can figure that out - the problem is, will the axle hold my weight? I plan on also loading some cargo (add, say, 50 pounds). I don't think the cost would be too much (over $50?) and should I need to weld something, my brother might still be able to do it. Do y'all think this would work? Would the axle hold 250 pounds of weight? If so, the axle could be threaded on the ends so as to keep the wheels in place, right? Thanks!


I'm actually doing this now! I'll tell you if it works.

If you put the edges of the frame close to the wheels it should keep it from bending the axle to much.

I'll look into that, thanks.

go back to my hunting topic i left you a cool link! :)

. With the support bearings mounted so far inboard of the wheels, you will need very heavy axles. If you build a frame that will support the axles at the wheels, you will put much less stress on the axles.
. You probably ought to look into a differential, also.

I'll check it out, thanks!