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Bike trailer coupling device Answered

           Have just made a bike trailer and used two  suspension forks  from the front wheel of a scrap bike to mount two 20 inch bmx wheels.Now the frame of the trailer is betweeen 5 and 10 cm below the level of the bike rack on the rear of my bike .
Any suggestions as to how to couple the trailer to the bike?
If needed I can provide photos if that would help


My only idea would be to get a castor wheel, the type that pivot on their base. Then remove the wheel from it. Mount the castor upside down to your bike rack and run a bar from your trailer to the castor "bracket" and attach the bar using the existing hole where the wheel was. This would allow for horizontal and vertical movement. I think it would work? I can draw a really crappy picture in MS Paint of my idea if you need one.

A picture or a diagram would help. Many have made extension rails/bars or tow hitches from the trailer to the hitch pivot point on a rear rack or bolted to an extended rear hub or frame. Look up bike trailers for previous instructables and see what they did. Good luck.

Seems pretty high for the deck. Depending on what the load is, maybe a bent tow bar to the seat post. Do check out the other ibles, plenty of builds.