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Bill Gates shared an Instructable! Answered

Congratulations to Instructables author gallactronics for catching the attention of Bill Gates!  He posted the Solar Scare Mosquito Instructable to his facebook page!  Mosquitos are a nuisance, and they also carry deadly diseases that kill over a million people every year.  The device works by creating ripples on the surface of still water to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs, and killing larvae that has already hatched.   Go check it out and leave a comment, or build one yourself!


This instructable was also written about on the Wired Magazine UK website/app.

Bill has to give gallactronics $1000 now, right? Those are the Bill Gates & Facebook rules, I believe.

Absolutely... and there's no harm if you added a couple of zeros to that sum...it wouldn't make any difference to the Billionaire.

They might just actually do, they have donated so much for Malaria cure across the globe :)

wow cool!


I believe I left a comment on that instrucatble that Wal Mart should start selling these and for every one sold, another one goes to a country that cannot deal with mosquitos on their own. Hope it happens!


4 years ago

This is great. I hope the author gets plenty of coverage for this simple setup!