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Binder clip sphere Answered

Really enjoying the latest Math Monday at MAKE blog that shows off this great sphere made with 60 binder clips. It was designed by Yang Enqi and looks fantastic.

Math Monday


well, now i made it, but it won't stay spherical. :(

i don't have a camera, i have a really old one but it doesn't connect to a computer in any way :(

i'm making one, but i don't know how to make it spherical... it's really frustating making one, though :)

next time i get my hands on some clip binders i'm going to make this and give it to my favorite teacher...it'll get torn apart by the students anywho, but who cares about that when you have a cool binder clip ball to make time and time again because of them? it's the ultimate office gift(other than an armory's worth of office war siege engines)


7 years ago


Wow, that's awesome! ...I wonder how many I have spare...

Nice! Next step: LEDs!