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Binding granular activated charcoal Answered

I am looking to bind granular activated charcoal in a particular form to avoid flushing because of water flow . what binding material can i use or how to make water resistant briquette which stays compact for long time.



3 years ago

Bearing in mind that covering in an adhesive or binder ruins the properties of the charcoal, how about sticking it to a surface? A sheet of plastic, painted with a suitable adhesive, then the charcoal sprinkled on. You would lose some of the surface to the glue, but not the rest. You could then roll the sheet up to fit it in the cartridge of your choice.


3 years ago

Tried that many times and finally decided to give up on it.
Making compress charcoal is one thing, activated charcoal a whole different story.
You need to preserve the surface properties as good as possible so it can do the cleaning work.
Compressing causes the coal to cruble into dust - which has an enve higher surface area but no longer the required properties, making it useless.
Binders and heat to cure works better but I have not found a suitable binder that would not close the pores on the surface.
The price for water filters is rediculous here (about 35 bucks for dirt cheap one) but I am starting to think it is because of the problem you face now too.

I reverted back to something similar to Iceng's suggestion.
Used 3 pvc pipes.
Stacked together and the inner ones with a lot of holes.
The outer two are filled with charcoal.
One end is sealed with glue, the other has a screw top with piece of rubber from a bike tube as a seal.
Water goes in the center and out on the other end between the outer pipes.
Sadly I left it installed in the old house as in the new there already was a nice 3 stage filter system installed.
Was always thinking of adding a UV lamp inside to kill whatever harmful organism made it through...


Answer 3 years ago

I can't think of any binder that would not clog up active surface pores.

Rather then a binder a non-contact micro filament matrix that binds onto itself and holds by mechanical capture thus allowing carbon or the matrix to cleanse water of extraneous solids. . But now that is a reverse osmosis filter.


3 years ago

If you are not using it in a urinal. Then enclose the granulated charcoal in a polycarbonate pipe with porous filters at both ends.