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Bio dust grinder? Answered

I have seen this video on Youtube and was wondering if anyone new how to make this machine or any ideas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW2GC_wFkaM


Build your box out of 1/4' steel plate. Mount bearing and an axle in the middle. Mount 10 or 12 10" carbide table saw blades on the axle. Hook a 2 hp motor to the axle. mount a feed tube over the blades. Feed in wood as needed.

how would i get all of them to be stationary so they don't spin when i turn the motor on? i thank you very much for your reply i have looked every place and asked everyone except here. your idea is very well appreciated.

I would use whats called a "dado stack". Those are blades that are made for taking large amounts of wood out at a time. You can key the blades to the shaft or just tighten them down with nuts on each side. My table saw is not keyed just thghtened by a nut. This method will create sawdust, YOu can then pack into pellets with another machine. To cut specific sizes it is going to be harder.

the material needs to be around a quarter of an inch in length if that helps at all.