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Bio-fuels from pvc, etc. Some neat advances being made in the bio-fuel areas: Answered


Never knew this was possible! Cool!

The article, I noticed AFTER I posted this, that it was dated 2002. I haven't heard much about it since though *sigh*

looks like this forum topic is popular! *sarcasm*
*sigh* too bad

People don't want to hear old news, even if they haven't heard it before LOL *sigh*

Weel, new breakthroughs arn't exactly working.

another new picture! (honestly the previous one looked better)

Acht du leiber. One asks me to smile, one asks me says my pics get worse, one person doesn't care.......ok....

how did you do that! (I liked the cavie the best)

He has already put a damper on it in his thread where I referenced to here LOL

Yeah, if they can get this down pat, we might be well on our way to starting to reverse the trends towards "no way out" syndrome :-)

The "gift" that keeps on giving...... LOL