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Biodiesel Answered

It's crazy that there isn't a "How to make Biodiesel" Instructable on the site, yet. I just created this group, but I'm inviting people to share info and links, here.

Luckily, there are plenty resources online on how to brew your own biodiesel. The stub for the Make article on the subject doesn't include the full text, but it does include a number of great links:

The Energy Self-Sufficiency Newsletter - This article is partly based on a series of articles by Maria "Mark" Alovert that first appeared here.
Gly-Tek - To test for the presence of glycerin, you can use the Gly-Teck test kit, which detects leaked anti-freeze in motor oil.
Recycling Sciences - High-volume operations can buy a $31,000 glycerin-purification distiller here, which will convert dirty biodiesel glycerin into nice, clear, commercially valuable glycerin.
Mark Alovert's site
veggieavenger.com - Homebrewing forum.
biodiesel.infopop.cc - Another homebrewing forum.
biodieselnow.com - Biodiesel policy and activism forum.
journeytoforever.org - Biodiesel processor designs and other info.
nbb.org - Biodiesel stations and industry info.
tdiclub.com - VW diesel forum.
propelfuels.com - Setting up a commercial biodiesel pump in your town.
Alternative Energy Videos - Videos about alternative energy, including biodiesel, available for rent from technicalvideorental.com



11 years ago

We built a off-the-grid biodiesel processor here at my university with a grant from the EPA~

Check out the website for more info on biodiesel as well as some design schematics of our 80 gallon processor.

cesar harada

11 years ago

Very nice post ! I've seen you also posted an instructable about urban agriculture, that would e fantastic to blend these two topics into an alternative energetic project for city planning. Cheers.

fungus amungus

11 years ago

Readymade had an article a while back about setting up your own 1,000 gallon biofuel station. Don't remember the cost.