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Biofuel powered water pump, no moving parts and modular! Answered

I just added a video about how to make one.
It is probably not what you are expecting.
I made the prototype and it works.


Just a note that I added a few videos yesterday.
One is for the windowfarm people and it shows a simple way of connecting an aquarium pump to get fast airlift.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpfHRViress Just connecting with a little t joint. and in the other one, it has got cold so the fermentation has stopped. So just for fun, I connected the aquarium pump to the bio powered pump. I did not expect it to work because it is so much more power than the bio fuel.
But it did work and it shows the fill and empty strokes better than anything else!

Interesting. You would couple this with bio-ethanol production?
I forsee water being carbonated if this were pumping to any great height, which would be a problem.
If it were methane, I myself would be wondering if I could drive water by burning gas...? You would have to burn it anyway.


There's the fluidyne pump, which is effectively a Stirling engine, which you could run by burning stuff.

I guess you could couple it with bio-ethanol but I was just thinking really small scale just to keep stuff watered in a greenhouse. I will try a link to my ancient coffee jar pump to give people the idea that you can stack these things up to go higher. (So that one worked on suction but if you use pressure you should be able to stack too) This is just to help visualizing it. With the coffee jar thing, I had 7 pumping stages. 7 stages is too much. millions of pipes!

That link didn't work for me.
But if you are using yeast, you'd want a beer out of it I think.