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Biomedical engineering Answered

Hi, My names Tom and I need a team of experienced engineers, biomedical engineers and programmers to try and design different biomedical devices. This will be a NON profitable team, so it would be more of a hobby than a job. But I will take anyone that thinks they will be helpful. Get back to me soon if your interested please, this would also be a great idea for students at universities or collages that want more experience. Thanks Tom


Well currently I am looking into ways that you can monitor the build up in fat in the arteries. But can be purchased for personal use, not commercial. I.e. hospitals use them for commercial use. I'm designing this as atherosclerosis is a common type of factor relating to deaths such as coronary heart disease.

You might get more interest if you give an idea if location, and (roughly) what kinds of device you are working on.