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Bios speaker randomly beeping? Answered

I finished building my computer a while ago, but initially removed the BIOS speaker as it kept beeping. Not a full alarm like if it were overheating, just a pathetic little "bip" every 10 minutes or so. The speaker is connected properly and it is the one that came with the board, and it makes a proper beep when I turn the computer on. I have disabled the CPU fan warning as I had it connected to my fan controller instead, and I also have thermal sensors on everything and everything runs nice and cool, so I honestly can't figure out what the problem is. I thought it may have been my dying hard drive, but I have replaced it now with a brand new hitachi 500gb sata-II drive that runs smoothly and I still get the problem (it just went off again whilst tying this). Any idea on what could be causing this problem and how to fix it (without removing the speaker). I have also tried it on Ubuntu and Windows, and I get the same problem, not that it should matter.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Check your bios for the beep codes... every board is different... one every 10 min isn't one that is generally universal such as 3 straight beeps (memory), so it will be in your owners manual. Good luck finding it if you have an Asus board though.

I have now determined it is a power problem, caused by my graphics card eating all the power and it doesn't have an external power connector. It would also explain why the ram test lights and fan headers don't work. I guess I'll just leave it with the speaker disconected until I get a better graphics card with external connector, it's only a cheap MSI 8400GS.

Maybe you could either get a more powerful power supply (one with more wattage) or downgrade your video card.

Don't leave it for too long... things like that can destroy a computer after awhile.

Try disconnecting the speaker to make sure the beep really _is_ from the speaker rather than the disk drive or some other device entirely. (Smoke detector batteries running down?)

Once you've established that the beep is coming from the speakers, your next step is to determine whether the beep is coming from the BIOS (firmware on the motherboard), the operating system, a device driver, or application software you've loaded into this machine. Whittle down the system configuration until you've got that figured out.

Then look at the docs for whatever piece of software or firmware is causing the beep and see if they mention this beep.

(If it's happening after the system boots up -- are you sure someone hasn't gifted you with an "annoy-o-tron" program?)


7 years ago

Your BIOS programing might be defective / corrupt. Try downloading the newest ones from the companies web site and flashing them. Its an easy process and might fix the problem.

I will try that, but It is a relatively new board. Even when I bought it a few months ago, it had the problem straight away.


7 years ago

Check the manual that came with the mobo, that should contain information concerning mobo notifications. If you can find nothing in the manual, go to the manufacturer's website and see if you can find any information on the site. Email them directly, if necessary, pose your problem and see if they can/will provide assistance or information.

I just checked, but it only says the codes for beeps during the bios post. However, it does say continuous short beeps=power error, but I wouldn't exactly call it continuous as it only seems to be every 10 minutes or so, and it isn't even a beep, it just makes an annoying half-beep. Everything works fine and I have a 650W PSU, and I calculated my setup should only draw about 350W, so I don't see that as a problem. It is a gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 board, if that helps.

It's unlikely to be random, like burf says - get the manual for the board and read the beep-codes.