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Birds and sticky flytraps HELP!!! NOW!!! Answered

Just now, my bird flew into a flytrap, i got him out of it, got bit numerous times by a stressed bird, HURT LIKE HELL! and now he's sticky, i need to know how to get the stickiness off of him, i used olive oil on his beak to get the stickiness off of that, his head feathers didn't get trapped (thank goodness) but i need to know how to clean him without having to touch under his wings, he doesn't like that. i don't think it got past his down to his skin. He is also sneezing more than usual are sticky flytraps poisonous? there isn't any facts on the package, google wasn't much help either. I AM NOT SPRAYING WD-40 ON MY BIRD. Please help.


I understand what you're going through. I have two cockatiels, and during the summer we have a huge fly problem, thus fly strips. So yes, Both of them have had a crash landing into them. Bot times we've used a bit of veggie oil, then rinsed with water and dried them off to the point they could clean themselves off. In fact, I had to re-look up the solution today. Boco (our male tiel) was having some fly time and flew right into the one that was in our bedroom. He's doing just fine after an veggie oil bath and rinse and dry.

How is he doing now?

He's just great. He hangs in his cage and flies over to me when I'm at my computer.

Soap and water? Get some of the glue on yourself and see what works best. What kind of bird and trap are they? L

I didn't suggest WD-40 or has that comment moved? L

To get it off of a persons hands or anything, you would use WD-40.

You could use WD-40, but you've used olive oil already, and I'd think a mild detergent would work too. How are things right now?


Did he clean himself, or did you find something that worked? L

I rubbed a bit of vegetable oil on him and under his wings and he cleaned himself, then he took a bath.

you should not give the parrot a bath slowly it will die that what happened to my other parrot

Oh good. What kind of bird do you have? (Picture?) L

He's pretty. My grandparents used to have one like that.

I can't remember. It's been over 20 years. Best I remember, they always covered his cage when it was nap time, so I'm not even sure I ever saw him sleep. Is that normal for those?

Sometimes, mine doesn't because he spent most of his life in a breeder box with his mate, after she died, he needed people whole would hold him and love him because he took it so hard. We don't usually cover him unless he is being excessively louder than usual. Apparently, Jenday Conures are supposed to live 20 to 35+ years, but for some reason, our animals always live longer than most animals. My doberman lived 13years although the normal life of a doberman is 7-8 years.

Wow. 13 is pretty old for a Dob. Right now we have a cat, a rabbit and a dog, in the house. I worry about our old cat. He's been a part of the family for nearly 10 years. The rest of our animals are "utility" pets (mouse control, and coondog).

I worry about our old cat. He's been a part of the family for nearly 10 years.
He should be fine for another 2-3 years at least. My oldest cat is about 13.
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All you need is a video + music track = YouTube hit?


He's afraid of the camera and i ran out of tape for my camera.

Daniyal Im Animalgirl not animalhippe anymore and yes Please email me at Lisafranka@gmail.com and never peel the bird of birds skin are very delicate simply use johnsons baby shampoo and a brush first put talcum powder or flour on first


8 years ago

This just happened to me. I hung a sticky fly trap under a tree and a mockingbird got all tangled up. I gently pulled the trap off its feet & feathers (didn't get pecked) and it hopped around the yard and flew into the tree. I'm hoping it rolled around in the dust somewhere. I felt so bad. No more sticky traps. Does anyone know where I can post a warning about these traps?

I gave my bird a carrot to cheer him up. he took it but, he just sat there with it in his beak. He was pretty mad, lol.

They used Dawn dish detergent , watered down, to clean off the oil spills from penguins, granted they have a slightly different biological makeup then your birds; but it was mild enough for them to use on wildlife it seems.

If you mean by flytrap, those strips of plastic that have a dark amber tint to them with the quite waterproof sticky gunk on them, I know what you mean. Regular bar soap and water does not remove it (installation mistake experience speaking here ;-).

Yeah, if i got stuck in it, or gunk on my hands, i just use WD-40.

Have you tried dusting him with talcum powder? I should stick to the sticky, covering it without gluing him up, and allowing it to wear off naturally.

Well i rubbed olive oil on him and he took a bath today, he's been better. My finger from him biting me still hurts at times though. He was pretty frightened.