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Birthday Presents Answered

Its my birthday on thursday and all my family want to know what i want, i cant think of anything. Do you guys know of anything cool and relatively cheap (£30) like a gadget or something i could ask for? BTW im 16



9 years ago

IF you don't have one already: A Dremel. Perhaps the cordless one. They're kinda cheap....

ehhh the dremel stylus is alright, it's a great tool, but mine broke after a year and a couple of days

I hate warrenties

I have that one. I love it and it is still going after three years.

I once had a PS2 die the day before warranty was up... I'm not that against them.

Personally, I think warranties can be good, b/c if the warranty is almost up you can drop it from something and get a new one! :D

It always pains me to have to do that though.

yea, only problem is i keep drilling holes in stuff :P

Oh the Dremel .... My Arch Nemesis...lol
The first dremel i got was found in a cubboard at my school, it was dusty and never gets used so i took it home, i diddnt have a power plug or a battery so i had to hook up 2 9V batteries but it only had one drill bit so that was usless

Then two days ago i bought a nice new dremel set with 26 Accesories, it was nicely packaged in an aluminum case, i bought it, took it home, opened it ...... and it had an American wall plug...... i tried using a shaving plug adapter and a travel plug converter but neither worked and i broke the shaver socket.

so basically Dremels hate me, even so i might get this one tomorrow
As well as this accessory kit

You definitely should consider a dremel, but otherwise it's aways a good idea to ask for those visa gift cards you can buy at convenience stores. They're great because you can use them online to buy pretty much anything.

Your suggestion of asking for the Visa cards made me think of this. It's just an interesting read.

after reading that whole artical it just makes me laugh to see the comment right below this.

Yea, im definitley going to get a dremel

hehe. It's different when they ask you what you want...but I'm still not so sure about asking for gift cards/cash.

Yea, im definitley going to get a dremel, ive never seen those Visa cards in the uk though :( i think its a US thing

I got a Dremel :P

Mp3 docking station?

Im goin to make on for my phone as soon as i get a dremel :P


9 years ago

Headphones? A nice Razor mouse, (they're not just for gamers) Or as Kiteman said, vouchers. Books? programming/3D Design &c.;

You're in the UK? Get B&Q; vouchers, then you can browse the power tools to your heart's content - their own range of tools is quite good value. Make sure you go to the largest branch you can reach, though, because the range in smaller branches is quite restricted. The largest branches also have interesting stocks of raw materials - metal and plastic sheet, all sorts of tubing.

happy birthday! Well, if it were my birthday I'd ask for: 2.1 computer speakers (basically normal speakers with a subwoofer) New graphics card wireless keyboard more later