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Blacked Out? Answered

I was going to ask are you caught in the blackouts I'm seeing on the news?

Dopey question.

Anyhoo, if you're reading this after the power comes back on, how did you cope?  What Instructables could you use to make life easier?

UPDATE:  And, if you're an engineer, could you design a better system where a single throw of a switch on a substation blacks out five million people, shuts down two nuclear reactors and even closes beaches?

The outage was triggered after a piece of equipment was switched off at a substation in Arizona, officials said. ... Daniel Froetscher, a vice-president at APS, told the Associated Press news agency the malfunction at the substation was "not a deliberate act".

"The employee was just switching out a piece of equipment that was problematic," Mr Froetscher said.


The blackout is not a fault, it's just an UFO that was stealing electricity.

Always thought it was a side effect of their non-lateral mag-drive.
Can't hold on to anything anymore, so sad ;(


It's funny how we find ourselves, in the West, at the mercy of an external source of electricity, when ironically, in the third world (although not having the benefit of a reliable source of electricity) our inverter simply switches over to battery power. Our 'black-out' is not at all black. We have been in Kabul, Afghanistan, for the last 8 years and for the first 3 we ran solely on solar. So now, when power goes out, we rarely have to do anything (perhaps switch the fridge and electric boiler off).

Don't you feel that our houses and businesses should have an inverter system for lighting 24/7? It seems sensible to me and perhaps, with the help of solar etc, could be the first step to becoming less reliant on the grid? :)

I'm used to negotiating where I live in the dark.
However, my friends at Townhead are completely off-grid (and are used to candles).


Sadly I find it hard to print out the Ibles in the dark, and since I didn't prepare for the ones WE had (mercifully short), I didn't have the power to do so....

That's why I said it was a dopey question ;-)

Oh I figured as much, I just had to rub it in a little LOL; however, if you'd asked if anyone KNEW of someone in the blackout area.......

Hmm, maybe if I had a few tons of marine batteries in my basement.

Agreed with rimar2000...the end is near.
when Happened I´m gonna use this one.
Or this another one.


Not really an ible but I have 10 of those paper wallet templates you get when Instructables is doing server maintenance kept in my desk draw. Keeps me occupied.