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Blasting Cap help Answered

I was wondering what others use for their cap bodies, i have been told to use spent brass to hold the HMTD. any better suggestions?? ANFO doesnt like brass so i was wondering if AL casing or heavy paper casing would work better? Thanks.


i just saw it in the cookbook, and i want to know the chemistry behind it. i wouldnt make it, i know nothing about proper lab safety or chemicals. Do you know about organic chemistry?

The cookbook?

The Anarchist's Cookbook?

Treat everything in there very carefully - a lot of it is wrong, sometimes dangerously so.

Do your research - go to other sources and check your facts before you try anything.

actually, some versions have been made wrong intentionaly to harm those attempting to make the things on there, like adding red phosphorus to a kclo3 gunpowder to "stabilize it during combustion". the word anachy means no ruller , so basically, the logic of a cookbook to anarchy is null, you cant be an anarchist if your following instructions. anyway, they someitmes trick you into exploding your self up with false information, whenver making something from there, try to make sure that youve confirmed it here or on other eliable sites, to make sure its real, a good site to learn these things from is www.whitehonor.com, just understand its a racist site, intended for providing people in information to help "eliminate" non white americans. anyway look up the 21 improvised initiators and 18 improvised explosives, theyre very accurate and its method for making c4 is real, i have madde it and it works a charm, everything else is real as well

oh yeah, it seems very sketchy. i just like the chemisty behind it all, after i get out of high school im thinking of attending Loyola University to go into organic chemistry. I want to be a pharmacist, do you think organic chemistry would help along the way?

Yes organic chemistry would be good, qualified pharmacists can be well-paid, but study hard.


Definitely, but don't use the AC as a reference.

In fact, you could score credit by showing where it is wrong...

using brass or aluminum casings means you are essentially creating PIPE bombs.   This is NOT a good idea at all. 

i would be using them to set off secondary high explosives like gelled chlorate mixtures.

Sorry, but I'm going to report you to the Feds...


Since this is dangerous stuff and I don't believe you want blasting caps for setting off explosive charges - use paper, it'll be safer.


Yes - rolled paper or card, like the traditional Chinese firecracker or British banger (not the sausage, the other kind).

Can I ask what you use home-made blasting caps for?

To blow stuff up, or just to make really loud flash-bangs?