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Blocking or Banning users Answered

I would like to have a way to block a user, or ban a user from commenting on my instructables.  Currently you can send a patch, subscribe to, or send a private message to a user.  I would like to see a block tool as well.

I have had users that started discussion threads on my instructables that become offtopic, or inappropriate.  Flagging the individual comments when they post takes time.  If we could block them, then it would stop the commenting all at once.

Instructables could even use this filter as a guide to see what users consistently are being blocked, and use it to ban users who are abusive.


I just wanted to update this.  I have found one way to block a user.   If the user sends you a private message, you can block them.  I would like to see this feature on other pages as well.

Screen shot 2010-03-23 at 9.20.32 AM.png

That's just blocking their PM's.  Comments are still visible.

I think it's just a long digression, annoyance rather than harassment.


It's not a harassment issue, just annoying since I have emailed them both and politely asked them to take the conversation off the topic and make it private.  One did, the other sent me a nasty note.

I'll just keep flagging away and hopefully the hint will be taken.

You can "flag for review" your PMs. But as a theoretical that subject invites that sort of comment thread. They don't get it, but you're open to a wide audience, think about setting up a stall on a busy street - it's like that (except you can't get tired pack up your stall and go home in the same way...) Use the flags, and learn that real-builds are a bit safer.


You could ask them to go have the conversation somewhere else. But It's not wise to assume a couple of people will never have anything constructive to say on your stuff.


Thanks, unfortunately when I politely emailed them both to take the conversation offline, one of the two people emailed me with a comment basically saying "You can't tell me what to do."  I had to block her after that. 

.  If someone posts something that is inappropriate or SPAM, then flagging it will get rid of it (if Robot agrees).
.  If it is someone that disagrees with you, then you will just have to put up with it.
. Yeah, the flagging system can be pretty slow at times (especially a holiday weekend), but it seems to work well. And, yes, ppl have been banned for being abusive. I don't know that Robot keeps a Naughty-Or-Nice List, but he probably does.
.  As you have found out you can block PMs. You can also delete comments from your Orangeboard.