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Bloody Bathroom Accessories Answered

The bath mat and shower curtain both have that fresh crime scene look to them with some bloody handprints and footprints.

Sure you could probably make these easily on your own, but as one commenter here puts it:

What about really busy people who have no time for buying acrylic craft paint, but they do have money to buy bloody bath accessories? People outsource all kinds of tasks for all kinds of reasons. This is just that point in our culture's evolution when we stop making bloody bath accessories at home, and start letting professionals do it. Just like we did with house building, dvd-player-assembling, and floss-making.



to scare the crap out of guests.

Use?!? One does not ask about the "use" of art! What is the "use" of the Sistene Chapel? Or the Washington Monument? Or the Smurfs? Surely, hanging a bloody-handrpint shower curtain makes it's own obvious statement.

And thus kelseymh compared bloody-handprint shower curtains to the Sistene Chapel. ;-)

And highly effectively too, I might add! I think the unnoticed misspellings and grammatical mistakes were the best part :-)

Oh, I noticed - I'm just trying to be more polite lately, in emulation of a real polite guy I know. :-)

I really want that shower curtain. It's probably the second-coolest shower curtain ever after a macro-scale wormhole with an orange glow to it.

Its so gory and macabre......yet I find myself wondering why my bathroom isn't decorated in blood yet?

The shower curtains looks haunted...

Bloody awesome!

I prefer the shower mat. It just says, "I had a bad time in the shower".

Imagine staggering home drunk one night to find your wife put these up without telling you. I need them. Soon.

What next - pre-soiled toilet paper?
You put that idea into my head...


At college I won a contest, and one of the prizes was a promotional Psycho shower curtain. Hard to tell in the package, but seemed pretty similar to this. I took the dulcimer CD instead.

jebus that shower one scares me, lol if i had that bathmat i'd get out the shower and be like "$%*£ what happened to my feet ! ... oh"

I'm sure my boyfriend would love these, but I'd probably forget them in the middle of the night. :P