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Blue Microphone Recognized by Pc But Not Working? Answered

Okay so here is my problem I just bought a blue SNowball for my Windows 7 pc I know alot of people have issues with it but heres my problem. I got it plugged it in it says installing drivers then says failed to install drivers yet it recognizes it as a usb audio device but it just shows up in my devices and printers as unassigned with a caution symbol next to it. The thing is there are no drivers for this mic because it is plug and play, I also have tested it in different usb ports to no avail if anyone could help me thatd be great.


First rule of buying is to research the product you are interested in.
First rule of solving driver problems is to ask my friend Google.
Using Google I have no issues finding enough complaints about the product as well as quite a few hits with possible fixes.

So might I suggest to use Google?


I did do my research plenty of people use this mic the only problem is with setting it up and normally its an easy fix but my problem is unlike everyone elses for the most part other peoples issues is that the mic successfully installs the drivers but fails to be recognized by the pc however mine fails to install the drivers yet is recognized and I wouldnt have posted here if I didnt read and try everything else.

What you have is the classic example of a company providing a product without providing proper dirvers / Windows integration.
Especially Windows 8 is a prime example for this.
In this regard your problem is no different from what other users experimented as I could find example with the exact same problem you mention.
"No drivers required" or "Plug and Play" usually means the device is recognised by Windows but Windows has to download the corresponding drivers for it to work.
And this is where Windows often fails.
If you do some reading, find working drivers for your system and completely remove the existing drivers for a manual install it should work right away.
Be aware though that it is often enough to use a different USB port to mess everything up for a complicated device.


3 years ago

You bought it, even though a lot of people have issues with it ?