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Bluetooth handheld remote (like a simpler wii 'chuck) accelerator/brake trigger assembly, what else is it called? Answered

Hi All,

Easy question (for someone), on this handheld bluetooth remote control, what is the hardware name for the accelerator/brake trigger assembly? It moves for and aft to control a bldc motor and motor brake circuit. I've been looking around and can only locate the 2 axis joystick. I would like to incorporate this into a different housing if I can find it. Thanks.


Surely its just a potentiometer ?

Thanks for the response. I guess I thought it was something else because it seems to be on a slide. I suppose it could be a sliding potentiometer right? I'm obviously a novice, but could that be used in a bluetooth remote like this and for an accelator and brake function on a motor controller? Or does that just depend on the programming? Also where would one find a component like this?

Yes, its called a "linear potentiometer" You will often find though that what you think is a slide is converted into a rotary action internally.