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Bluetooth vs Radio Frequency Answered

This is a 3 part question:

1. I am a bit confused. Radio frequency covers 3KHz to 300GHz, so it basically includes bluetooth(2.4 GHz). Why is it that some people talk about bluetooth as something not relating to RF. Do they have different transmission methods? WIFI is also @ 2.4GHZ. What is the distinction between WIFI and bluetooth that makes them so different, covering different ranges, and being able to send different amounts of data at different speeds. I always thought it was the frequency of the wave but WIFI and bluetooth are the same yet they are so different. 

2. I am building a project. I need to send data wirelessly. The data is very simple just to turn on or off a series of leds. A friend of mine told me to use radio waves. What does he mean by that exactly since radio range is huge. Is he talking about 40MHz like the RC cars?

3.Bluetooth or RF(again im assuming this to be the same one as RC cars since i will break apart an RC car to remove the transmitter/receiver)Which method consumes less power to send the same amount of data. Distance will not be over 10 meters so i'm not worried about that. 

Thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated!



Actually Radio Frequency covers everything from 3Hz to 3Ghz.

Bluetooth is just a communications protocol. In other words its a standard for how to transmit data. Bluetooth has been assigned to operate in the 2.4Ghz to 2.48Ghz range of the RF band. WiFi and many other also share this band but use different means of transmitting, encoding and decoding there data.

Lets break this down a bit. You are over thinking things and getting in over your head. You have a project you want to make wireless. What platform are you make your project on? If its something like the Arduino than your best bet will be to use Xbee to transmit your data. The are low power and have the kind of range your looking for. Bluetooth and WiFi are going to be more complex that what you'll need.

I am using the pic18f4520 microcontroller from Microchip. Ideas?

That is something like the Arduino so look into using xbee modulus with it.

Bluetooth should be favoured... We all know that may be the process is complex for bluetooth.. But short range communication can be easily implemented with bluetooth..

Plus it is way much cheaper than XBee.

I agree, however there doesn't seem to be many Bluetooth remote controls and people are using apps on their phones instead. Apps are okay, but that makes choices for a separate controller limited.