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Boat Chandlery Question... Answered

I've had a senior moment. You know those widgets that they use on boats to fasten ropes?  What are they called?

Two ridged, rotating sections, lay the rope between them, and tension makes them turn in and lock the rope in place, pull the other way and they open to release it.

What are they called? I thought they were "cleats", but that turns out to be the roughly T-shaped fittings that you knot rope around.


Yep, definitely cleats. Go Jayefuu!

Cam Cleats?

Those things are amazing! Only thing that allows two people to sail flying scotts at any reasonable pace. I thought this question was about how to tie a cleat hitch at first, haha..

Wow. I thought they were just used to hold up mops.


I went through pages and pages of google images, and didn't see a single one of those!

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Ha ha. I searched boat rope fasteners and it was on the first page.