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Body-building Generator Answered

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Body-building Generator
  rated power 100w
Maximum Weight Capacity:  100kg
output voltage 12v/24v
meter(4 functions) speed, time, dist, calorie
material steel, foam, plastic
color Customized
Package size 0.3m*0.95m*0.65m
Flywheel  10kg, two ways

Rated power                 

It is a kind of new product. An exercise bike and a generator, once you start pedaling the wheels while exercising, electricity is generated. Open and shut automatically. It can be on-grid or off-grid system. .We adopt permanent magnet generator, and largest output power can be 600w.

1. From the date of purchase: body building generator have a 3 year manufactures warranty;
2. The color can be changed according to customers’ requirements;
3. Delivery time: 20 working days after receive the payment;
4. Payment: 100% T/T in advance;
5. Quotation Effective Date: within 30days



You know, how come startups like we use to hear about i.e.POTENCO couldn't produce something like that? They had this innovative hand-powered generator that I do not think is available to base new products on so its no wonder U.S. ingenuity and innovation is dead.

it is indeed innovative product, worth to use and promote.

it is indeed innovative product, worth to use and promote.