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Bognor Birdman bites back! Answered

It turns out the previously-thought-aborted competition may be held in Worthing instead, prompting a renaming to... "the Bognor International Birdman competition in Worthing"

Read all about it in this Daily Mail article. Just avert your eyes from the caption on the bottom image if you are a stickler for correct punctuation.


Greetings from rainy England. I am one of the 'lucky few competitors' albiet in the dress up for fun class! My theme is a giant oyster with a pearl. The oyster shells will part and then spin around propelling me all the way across the 20 odd miles of sea to France. Or maybe I will just fall the 35ft into the cold sea. I'll take my passport just in case. It would be great if anyone would sponsor me - all monies go to the charity I work for: Sense - a charity for deafblind people. The media coverage is brilliant. 20,000 spectators and heaps of national and international media coverage. I will wear your company stuff!!! Anyway visit my sponsorship site www.justgiving.com/vicweekes

Good luck that bivalve!

I don't suppose you have pictures of your costume? Maybe of it being made?

That would make a great Instructable, and also gain you more publicity (= money).

If you post a video, make it (I never thought I'd say this) a Metacafe video, then you earn more cash for Sense (Maybe, if Sense open the account themselves, other sponsored events could have videos on the same fund-raising account as well.)

(thinks of companies that might want to be associated with a man dressed as a giant oyster jumping into the English channel) I don't think mine would, and can't think of a link between database admin and people jumping into the sea anyway :) I fully intend to go, just because I think it will be entertaining, if I can get my transport sorted out by then.

Naturally, I scrolled directly to the offending caption... Good news, though. Are there iblers able to go and compete?