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Boiling urin to make it drinkabul? Answered

insted of creating a soler still, can I just boil it and colect what evaperts with a rag? will this provid me with drinking water?


Yes. The result of distilling urine is not going to taste wonderful, but it will be almost pure water and entirely free of salts and bacteria.

Distilled urine tastes of... nothing*. It's just water. What do you think rain is?

*Trust me.

if it's boiled vigourously enough it might get airborne particles of whatever was in the water, not just steam... :( Indeed however, 'distilled' is totally pure. Also - to the best of my knowledge, urine is water, ammonia (urea), and salt - a very not-hospitable environment for bacteria. It's already sterile. You just want the pollutants out.

Normal Male urine is almost sterile. Female urine is not even close to being sterile.

they both contan the amount of toxic that the included amount of water is necery to remove it. if u drink it, not only will u get sick most prob. but u will just work like a tunnel, u wont gain anything by giving uself bad food and the neccery tools to remove it. if u dont sterilize it no mater what gender ur from, all your doing is risking geting a desis.

Distillation separates chemicals based on boiling points. If you have similar boiling points or an azeotrope is formed, you are not guaranteed to get one pure substance.

My understanding was that simple distillation is merely 'good enough' in this case. But my experience with the water quality of solar stills is entirely based on a few demonstration scenes from documentary TV shows. When they expressed displeasure with the flavor, I assumed that vapors such as broccoli odor were evaporating along with the water. However, I fortunately have no personal experience with recycling my urine at all.

Urine is 95% water and 5% wastes/toxins that your body has filtered out. That's a lot of wasted water. So collecting your urine can save your life in certain circumstances.

Drinking it straight is "last resort" as you can survive, but you are taking in the toxins that have been filtered out. This is the last resort. However, if you have the means to boil it and collect the steam, you are much better off.

What does urine taste like? Fresh, it's not so bad but still unpleasant.

You can drink your own urine safely if you find yourself in straits that dire - which means you won't care what it tastes like.

drinking urine w/o purifing wont help you at all the reason ther is 90 persent water in urin is cuz thats how much water it taks to get rid of the 10 persent bad stuf if u dont purify it, not only will u most prob. get sick, it wont help at all!!