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Bold writing on my images for an Instructable? Answered

This is a question for wilgubeast, shoochmaroo, kazmataz, Carleyy, mikasaurus, frenzy, and all the other awesome members of Instructables.

I want to put bold lettering in my images like in the images in Instructables in the eBook for Unusual Uses for Ordinary Things. How do I accomplish this? Is it a photoshop trick, Special program, or do you have to work at Instructables to have this privilege?


ok, I know you asked for a reply from wilgubeast, shoochmaroo, kazmataz, Carleyy, mikasaurus, or frenzy... but,

If you have a graphics editing program, like Photoshop, you simply need to open your photo in the program. Create a new layer, and type your text. Style it however you want and then when you're happy with the result, re-save the image as a jpeg, and then upload your new image to your ibles library.

I hope that helps. ;)

Yep, you can even do it in ("GASP") MicroSoft Paint. ;) You just have to choose between solid or transparent background, the rest is in the Text bar.


True... but when I use MicrosoftPaint, my writing always looks very messy...

As what format do you save the picture? JPG is a messy format. try one of the other types such as Bitmap (BMP), GIF, TIFF or PNG. The downfalls are: GIF has a limited palatte and will make your picture look like it is from a much older computer, BMP and TIFF are huge files, PNG is a larger file than JPG. You just have to see what works best.

If you are still not satisfied, go for one of the better graphics programs. For free, try GIMP. It is similar to PhotoShop in the way it works.

I just wanted to point out that it could be done if you didn't have any other graphics program.