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Bolt Action Mech for a Knex Bullpup Gun. Answered

this is an idea that I have had for a while now, it allows a bullpip gun to have a full black rod pin but with a more realistic design.

the idea is using a shotened bolt that moves right back then pushes the ammo into the chamber.

I'll see if I can get a pic up of what I mean


 Actually, I think my bolt action system would be perfect for a bullpup, I was actually going to try it when I'm finishedwith my current project.  It would be like the shotgun, but it would load with a separate ram as you pushed it forward, like in lowney's bolt action.  This would place the bullet right above the handle. 

lol i just came across this thing for the first time, and i get the feeling i'm the only one who ever actually made a successful bullpup bolt action rifle... kinda funny how many people here talked about making one and at the end no one did. these things make me laugh...

true, my idea is a bit different though, I wanted to use a short bolt, say a white rod, to load it from behind instead

 I think I get what your saying; hope it works out.  When are you getting pics up?

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I made one, bottom loading, trigger behind handle and all that stuff, pin didn't stick out of the stock, no jams but low ish range, but for what it was worth it was fun, light, compact and pretty accurate.

Go for it, hopefully you'll do a better job than me.

I built a prototype mech for this, it worked surprisinly well... the only problem was that the area behind the pin designed to stop the ammo loading until the bolt was pulled back stuck out the back of the gun when the bolt was pulled back.... I may retry this soon.

So uh...what's new here? I can't quite understand what you mean. Paint it?

I'll give it a go, It should work a bit like ZKAR, except that the part of the bolt that pushes the ammo is shorter

It could probably work but it would slightly ruin the point of having a bolt action other than to make a compact bullpup. Logically, the ammo will end up close to where the bolt pin stops. Basically that means you want the bolt pin to be as long as possible while still being shorter relative to the firing pin so that you get as much acceleration time as possible. With a shorter bolt pin comes less power.

yup, I found that when I tried it myself, but it would still get  more power than a traditional bullpup gun as they already have the ammo close to the trigger and they also have mag friction.

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