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Bolt actions, and mine Answered

I've noticed there are alot of "bolt action knex gun"'s, and it really ticks me off when I click to see that they're simple ram pull, please, don't call them bolt actions. Also, still got my semi auto, made a very close to true bolt action (the breech doesn't open when the bolt is pulled back) its my 2nd bolt action, also, once I've posted my Semi auto V4 and my Bolt Action v2, I'll make a single shot, (or mag fed if I'm lucky) that when the bolt is pulled back it exposes a breech to put one or two bullets in, this will be shellfed, so you can't exactly shout about the singleshot. Thankyou for reading this, Yerjoking


They are just firing pins - no bolt to chamber the 'bullet' and only some have a 'pin housing' as on slide actions.

No, pushing the bolt forward loads the bullet from the mag into the barrel for the firing pin to hit, I know what I'm talking about. P.S I know it aint tru tru true bolt action 'cause it has no breech, but thats my next gun.

Yes, that is what I am saying about most so-called 'bolt actions', they have "no bolt to chamber the 'bullet' and only some have a 'pin housing' as on slide actions."

Mine has a bolt to chamber the bullet, and not a pin housing like slide actions. I took it apart, because after I post my semi auto I have the pieces to make it more reliable, powerful, and I can try a bottom loading mag, I can remember the gun, but it will be totally different.

I know, I was talking about 'I've noticed there are alot of "bolt action knex gun"'s, and it really ticks me off when I click to see that they're simple ram pull, please, don't call them bolt actions.'.

His problem is that you are not understanding him. You think he is talking about real bolt actions, but he is actually agreeing with you and talking about other fake knex 'bolt actions'. And shouting is rarely the best way to solve a problem. Sometimes, but not always.

He is? It sounds (Well, reads) to me that he is saying mine is not bolt action. I appologize.

If you review his comments he said 'They are just firing pins - no bolt to chamber the 'bullet' and only some have a 'pin housing' as on slide actions.', refering to fake 'bolt actions', not yours. It's always a pleasure to clarify.

I know, but how he typed it (intelligently) I didn't understand. Once again I appologize Loosewire.

Well, I want to post the revolver but I have to fix it again which is rather irritating me as the problem is so tiny. But other than that I have a few things that I am on track to finish in not too long. What about you?

A semi auto, then a bolt action, then Iunno, lol, hey should I put my folding stock mech on my semi auto?

Not folding, sliding, you move 2 levers and you can then slide the stock into the gun.*

Ok. It's funny how whenever we get into a conversation the replies are always really quick.

Yeah, I guess its because I don't get many comments that are sudden, and you type sorta fast at typing.

Lol, and I'm online lots. I can pretty much toutch-type and that does help.

I can type without looking, but it reduces time a little, also tend to type slower than usual because I keep getting a dodgy moment where I cannot see what I'm typing, lol, any more guns soon???

All you have to do for a bolt-action is attach the chamber cover to the pin on Mepain's sniper.

No, why is no one listening to me, bolt action is pulling the bolt back, and that cocks the gun, then the bullet is either loaded automatically or by hand, then the bolt is pushed forward, loading the bullet properly.

Not necessarily, I have used breech-loaded .22 rifles before where you must pull the bolt back, manually load the round into the chamber, push the round fully into the breech, and then push the bolt forwards, thus closing the chamber.

Also those are BREECH-Loaded, not BOLT ACTION, lol, but I see your point.

No, nearly any weapon can be breech-loaded.

You are not listening to me, you are talking about "breech-loaded .22 rifles" I'm talking about bolt action ones, theres a difference, when I post it you'll see.

Lol, when I say your comment, it said 0 seconds... Anyway, like I said, almost any weapon can be breech-loaded, and not all bolt-actions push the round into the breech.

I see what you mean, but trust me, its bolt action, and you might like it, hopefully, its being posted after my semi auto, I may convert it into an M1 Garand or Arisaka, depends if I wanna.

Which is exactly what mine does, only in knex it pushes the round down the chamber.

Hey yerjoking. Did you check the dates of them? Are they recent? Before knex guns were super innovative we had no good term for what basic ram guns should be called so that's why they are called bolt action. Usually most modern guns that use this system call them fake bolt action or something similar. I'd like to call it a hammer-pin because they function sort of like hammers where you pull it back and it stays in place.

but a hammer does not move in a straight direction. a hammer uses a hinge and revolves around the hinge untill it hits the bullet. but i agree with you about everything else

I know that that's why I called it hammer-pin because it's a basic pin that works like a hammer as in it moves straight but it is still cocked back and springs forward upon pulling the trigger.

The hammer-action that Yerjoking and I made was on a hinge.

We should remake that sometime, dude!

Most were recent, I only posted this forum 'cause most I saw were recent.