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Bonus Build Night - LEDs!!!!!!! Answered

Deadline to sign up: Monday, June 16. Accepted spaces will be notified by June 17.

The Instructables team recently inherited 23 boxes of 10mm LEDs (approximately 110,000 LEDs) and we decided the best use for them would be a Build Night!! We want to see how EPIC you can get with a large amount of LEDs (although simple projects are fine as well). We will be selecting 50 spaces to receive the following (note these numbers are approximate):
  • 8 bags of 10mm assorted color LEDs (approx. 2200 LEDs) ~$800
  • 40 3V coin cell batteries ~$75
  • Bonus Giveaway: 2 spaces will be selected to receive 50 silly putty eggs, 10 lbs of black iron oxide (materials to make magnetic silly putty). There will be a special section on the signup form if you would like to be considered for this.

  1. Host a Build Night: pick a night in July or August (any night) to host a project build night using the LEDs and batteries.
  2. Post 2 Instructables: post 2 Instructables using the LEDs. (Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights).

SIGN UP - Please only sign up if you are able to complete the requirements listed above

This is a 2-step sign up process.  YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH TO FULLY SIGN UP.
  1. Fill out this google form.
  2. You will then receive a private message in your Instructables inbox by June 17 asking for your shipping information. You cannot receive the LEDs without completing this step.

If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form. You will receive an e-mail when the events are announced in the forums. If you have signed up for a past build night or this build night you are already on our announcement list.

Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month we partner with a different company to send you materials and/or tools to run a workshop at your space. In return your space posts Instructables from your build night.


We're a little late, but it's happening:


Soldering LEDs at our Build-Night.

2014-09-25 21.56.54.jpg

Could we get the electrical specs of the LEDs posted somewhere? Just wanted to make sure we don't overpower them.

Here is all the information I have:

red (2.0-2.1v)(200-300mcd)
blue (3.0-3.2v)(600-800mcd)
green(2.0-2.1v) (200-300mcd)
white (2.0-2.1v)(600-800mcd)

Small panic: my venue is going to be a building site all Summer...

I've got a FedEx parcel waiting at the depot...

Hi, I submitted an application but have not been notified either way. I'm hopeful that means our space is still being considered for this?

Do we need to wait until the 17th to be notified?


You should have been notified today. Let me know if you still haven't heard anything.

According to the text the deadline is tomorrow.

Are international applications allowed?

Hi Carelyy, Me and another member (motoring) are thinking of applying and running it at a local high school, to get teachers and parents involved. We are both tech teachers, and the workshop has lot of good gear, laser cutter , 3d printer, cnc mill etc. We are in Australia, and a school is not the same as a hacker space, but apart from that is there any problem in being accepted?

Thats fantastic! We are accepting hackerspaces, makerspaces, student groups, fab labs, libraries, etc..

Basically I just want to make sure you are some sort of organized group capable of using the materials and posting projects.

Thanks Caleryy, Motoring just gave me a call and said the application was accepted, so looks like we are in!

sweet im pumped now

Thousands of LEDs! How exciting!