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Book Giveaway Answered

Two of my designs were featured in a very cool new book, PlyDesign, 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood by Philip Schmidt (and published by Storey Publishing). To celebrate (and to thank the instructables community -- without whom these projects would never have been "discovered") I'm giving away a copy.... but to make it interesting, this giveaway will be in the form of an informal contest. Post a comment with a link to your instructable. As long as your project includes plywood (or other sheet goods such as MDF, plyboo, etc) it qualifies. No publishing date restrictions, you can submit any instructable from the very first day instructables went live up to today -- however, choose your favorite instructable, because I will only consider one per person.

The contest will close whenever I have 100 entries or on July 31st, 2012, whichever comes first.

I will also be giving away a three month pro membership to my favorite instructable submitted by a non-pro member.

I look forward to checking out your instructables!

UPDATE: Member Makendo has offered another year membership for an instructable by a non-pro! So far I have no comments/instructables by non pros. Show me what you've made and you've got a very good chance at getting a year's worth of free pro membership...


I love the over sized scissors! I am going to make one for my niece! She is a beautician. She will love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Thanks, this was my first instructable.

Very impressive project. I share your urge to salvage discarded wood. That's always how I get started on a project: I find something then I try to think how I can use it, rather than getting a specific idea which forces me to buy materials which fit rigid constraints (though on occasion that can be unavoidable to finish a project started with dumpster supplies).

Thanks, I usually work the same way. I find the wood and then try to come up with a project. And I used as much salvage as I could but I had to buy the plywood since it was bigger pieces. Plus right now I don;t have a shop so i have to work in my yard and most of my "stash" is in a warehouse. But we do what we can, where we are, with what we have, don't we? lol

I love the bamboo placemat for the kindle book spine...

Sure, here's one:

If I had a laser cutter I'd be churning these out for all occasions... I've got to think of something really good to make for the next laser contest (and then find the time to make it and write about it...).

These are all really good -- I wish I had your patience (and workshop!).

This looks like a pretty neat book! I am curious to see which projects are featured. I used MDF here:


Very nice looking chair... did you ever convince your dog to climb into it?

I have a new-found respect for all the folks who judge the instructables contests: how can they possibly choose between so many cool projects? I'm definitely going to try making that poong stick. If YOU had to choose one of these, which would it be?

Oh, I think the most fun is the Poong Stick (especially now that I have one laser-cut from 1mm plywood living in my wallet!), but the most satisfying was the Robot Returns boomerang, because I had never made a boomerang before, and yet not only did it work first time, it is now the basis of a wood-work project at my current school - that boomerang has now survived being thrown by over 300 children.

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