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Book Store Christmas Tree. Answered

Look at the picture.  Enjoy the festive simplicity.



Hmmmm. Now K... who do we know that has a LOT of books? :p

No, you've met this person :)

Does he have a laser cutter...?

Aren't you nice - giving all the bookworms a Christmas home...

Brilliant and all green books too. Merry Xmas.

The steps are a great idea if the books were protected with some sort of kick plate that you could flip down to take a book out! A lot of wasted space you could put to real use.

It looks like it is on a moving dolly with casters. Do you roll it outside and torch it for a yule log or a New Year's bonfire?

Looks like the stair treads/risers were decorated with book ends, or did they build it up with more books?