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Booklet printing & the printer Answered

I want to print a 200 pg book I have in booklet form. What I mean is that on each A4 sheet, there should be 4 pages printed front and back. I should be able to fold the sheets in half afterwards and get a book that is half the size of the A4 sheet.

I have tried to do this with the printer settings but when I came out, it wasn't in correct order. Also one side of the sheet is in one direction and the other side is in another so it looks like half the sheet was printed upside down.

Before I waste more paper, what may be the problem? The only thing I may have done wrong is to specify "long edge" instead of "short edge" for two sided printing. This was done on a HP 8100 laser printer.



Open office will do this:

"You can print a Writer document as a brochure or a booklet. That is, Writer prints two pages on each side of the paper, so that when you fold the paper, you can read the document as a book.
When you create a document that you want to print as a brochure, use portrait orientation for the pages. Writer applies the brochure layout when you print the document.
To Print a Brochure
1.Choose File - Print.
2.In the Print dialogue box, click Properties.
3.In the properties dialogue box for your printer, set the paper orientation to landscape.

If your printer prints duplex, and because brochures always print in landscape mode, you should use the "duplex - short edge" setting in your printer set-up dialogue box.

4.Return to Print dialogue box, and click Options.
5.In the Pages area of the Printer Options dialogue box, select Brochure.
6.For a printer that automatically prints on both sides of a page, specify to print right pages and left pages.
7.In the Print dialogue box, click OK.
If you print a document in portrait on a landscape page, two opposing sides in a brochure will be printed next to each other. If you have a printer with double-sided printing capability, you can create an entire brochure from your document without having to collate the pages later. If you have a printer that only has single-sided printing capability, you can achieve this effect by first printing the front pages with the Right pages option marked, then re-inserting the entire paper stack in your printer and printing all the back pages with the Left pages option marked."

Thanks Mr. Rick... you help me a lot. I really appreciate it.. >.<

Your welcome, nice to help and be thanked :-)

Thanks for this Rickharris. I'm thinkintg about printing a small book/booklet and hadn't reached this point yet but it's great, clear info.

Yes, 200 pages can't fold well but I think I may be able to print in sets of 20 pages but I need them to come in correct order anyway.

[Sorry -- noticed some sloppy phrasing/typing in my first version, and was sufficiently embarrassed that I wanted to fix it.]

The printer can't store and reorder 200 pages. That's true for the printer drivers as well. You're going to need to find software specifically designed to handle that kind of page sequencing

Also: A 200 page booklet is too thick to fold reasonably. The professional solution would be to group it in "signatures" -- smaller groups of pages which are bound individually and then bound together. That may be more work than you want to do for your personal project.

Glue-and-fabric binding, or hot-glue binding, or spiral/comb binding, aren't as durable but are a lot easier to do at home. (And personally I'm inordinately fond of Velobinders for anything over 50 pages that will be used frequently and needs durability.)

Websearch and/or search Instructables for information on bookbinding techniques.

Print it on single pages front and back in the right order then DIY bind it into a book. I've done that several times to self-print books my wife has written.