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Boom-box ambulance Answered

An emergency siren that alerts drivers by making their vehicles vibrate is being tested by doctors in Hampshire, England.

The Howler is being used by BASICS Hampshire, a charity made up of 20 volunteer medics who attend about 750 road traffic accidents every year.

The Howler sends out low bass sound that makes the car in front "shake".

Dr Rob Dawes, a volunteer doctor whose full-time job is as an hospital anaesthetist and military doctor, said people get out of the way quicker when the device is used.

He said: "The main problem is on the motorways where people can't hear the sirens or see you, because often they either don't look in the mirrors or they've got the radio on quite loud.

"What this new siren aims to do is, because they can't see you and they can't hear you, we hope that they'll be able to feel you."

BBC Story.


Most people will be thinking that its just another typical teenager...

i don't know that my car rumbling would make me instantly think "oh an ambulance is coming"....it would probably make me thing an escalade was coming

i've had an idea for this rolling around in my head for a while. and seeing as i'll never be able to make it/patent it, i'll give it to you for free.

basically equip all EMS vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, etc..) with a device that would emit a signal on a specific frequency (perhaps use up some of the newly opened band of radio that they took away from TV?). all cars would be required to be equipped with a receiver that would be tied into their radio. whenever the EMS vehicle turns on the transmitter, any car within 500 feet (probably just to the front of the vehicle, and maybe 100 feet on either side) any vehicle in range would have an alert sent over their car speakers (even if the radio were off, or if they were listening to a CD or their iPod through their stereo) telling them that an EMS vehicle was entering their area and that they should move over to the right lane (or left lane in England i guess) as soon as possible.

In New YorK, there are actually protocols on when the ambulance or emergency services can use the siren and flashing lights. Seems the snooty need their beauty rest and cannot be disturbed with all the noise about. A motorcyle roaring down the block will set off all the car alarms, but don't have it sound for more than two minutes or else you will get fined for noise pollution as your car is stolen.

hmmm, and to think, I was nearly killed yesterday by a Policeman who didn't set off HIS siren until he was almost inside my car (on my side no less) with his car. This is the third time now that I have been inches from dying because of police recklessness.

Well, the Krispy Kreme Hot Doughnuts Now sign was all lit up. Those undercover cop cars annoy me because you can't see the flashing lights that are built in low next to the headlights. The volunteer EMTs also have their beat-up cars equipped with them and they abuse the privelege.

In the UK they have them mounted where the rear top stop light is and in the front at the top i think

I had another near hit, just yesterday.....fully decked out car with all the regalia etc. but just not using them.....